I am studying for a college course on numerical analysis. The current module is numerical solutions to linear equations. I am looking for resources that have lots of practice problems. I have already studied the theory and just want to practice different questions. The topics I wish to emphasise on:

  • matrix norms
  • spectral radius
  • singular values
  • iterated powers of matrices
  • condition numbers
  • iterative methods

(and any related topics). I don't mind if the resources are books or online references. I just want many difficult questions to practice


This is probably too late to help the original poster to help with their course, but it may be useful to others.

There are several great books on numerical linear algebra, all of which have good exercises on most or all of the topics you mention. If you're looking for exercises in particular, a recent book deserves particular mention.

The book Numerical Linear Algebra and Matrix Factorizations by Lyche has a number of exercises at a variety of difficulty levels. Further, worked solutions appear in a companion book Exercises in Numerical Linear Algebra and Matrix Factorizations by Lyche, Muntingh, and Ryan. I don't have deep experience using these resources, but the problems seem like a good mix, and worked solutions are always helpful when self-studying (though one must resist temptation to not run to the solution manual too soon!). Both books are available on SpringerLink and thus might be available for free to you if your university has an institutional subscription.


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