Given a tree $T$ with $n$ nodes, every node that isn't a leaf has 2 children, can i drive a formula for number of leaves in a such tree $T$?

My idea: i read this post:Full binary tree proof validity: Number of leaves $L$ and number of nodes $N$ , but it is about full binary tree, our problem maybe not full binary tree.

  • $\begingroup$ What is your definition of full binary tree? The tree you describe is what I call a full binary tree. $\endgroup$
    – saulspatz
    Mar 8 at 1:52

Suppose that $T$ has $n$ nodes, $\ell$ of which are leaves; then the sum of the degrees of the nodes is


since the root has degree $2$, each of the other $n-\ell-1$ non-leaves has degree $3$, and each leaf has degree $1$. This is twice the number of edges, so $T$ has $\frac{3n-1}2-\ell$ edges.

On the other hand, $T$ is a tree, so it has $n-1$ edges, and we have the equation


so that


The reason that $n$ has to be odd, as this formula clearly implies, is that the non-root nodes of $T$ come in sibling pairs, so there is an even number of them, and the root makes an odd total number of nodes.


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