I'm trying to learn predicate logic.

And I'm looking for some good resources on it:

I've seen that I learn better when I can program So I was wondering if there was a 'predicate logic' programning language?

Maybe an interactive tutorial?

Maybe lots of examples, something like: Predicate Logic by Example?

Or at least some pretty basic books?


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Introduction to Logic: Predicate Logic by Pospesel is the text probably most frequently associated with the topic for introductory students from a purely academic perspective.

If you really want to code in languages that are based around predicate logic (logic programming is the more formal term), there are a few options:

  • Prolog is easily the best known and without a doubt the best documented logic programming language
  • Oz is a lesser known alternative that incorporates a number of more modern programming language features like concurrency and object orientation (modern Prolog implementations typically add some of these to the language, but it never seems a natural fit to the language)
  • Castor is a fairly common library for C++ that builds a logic model within the syntax of C++
  • $\begingroup$ Curry is another option if you are interested in logic programming. It's an integrated logic and (pure) functional programming language. $\endgroup$
    – emi
    Apr 9, 2011 at 11:23

There are lots of good books on symbolic logic, Understanding Symbolic Logic being one.

However, there aren't many of them using a "programming" approach, Haskell Road to Logic, Maths, and programming being such a gem.


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