Problem: Let $v$ and $w$ be roots of $z^{1997} = 1$ chosen at random (uniformly and independently). What is the probability that $|v + w| \ge \sqrt{2 + \sqrt 3}$?

This problem comes from the 1997 AIME.

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Because of symmetry, we can take $v=1$. Then we let $w=\exp(i \theta)$ We have $$|v+w|=|1+\exp(i \theta)|=|1+\cos \theta + i \sin \theta|=\sqrt{(1+\cos \theta)^2+\sin^2 \theta}=\sqrt {2+2\cos \theta}$$ So we need $\cos \theta \gt \frac {\sqrt 3}2$ or $-\frac \pi 6\lt \theta \lt \frac \pi 6$ This gives $166$ choices for $w$ on each side of $1$, plus $1$ itself, for a chance of $\frac{333}{1997}$


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