Can you please see the following question : Let X be any set with three elements or more and B be the collection of all two element subset of X . Show that B is not a base for any topology >>

I think on it as the following : since there are more than three elements in X then set B must have two subset of X of the form {x,y} , {y,z} suppose by contrary B is base then {x,y} , {y,z} are open subset their intersection {y} is open but it can not generated from B so contradiction ..

is it true ?


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Yes, this is correct. You showed that a topology generated by $B$ must be discrete. But singeltons are not a union of elements in $B$, so this is impossible.


Let $\{x,y,z\}$ be three distinct elements from $X$.

So $B_1 = \{x,y\}$ and $B_2 = \{y,z\}$ are in the base $\mathcal{B}$. In particular that are open so $B_1 \cap B_2 = \{y\}$ is open.

But there cannot be any $B \in \mathcal{B}$ such that $y \in B \subseteq B_1 \cap B_2$ as $2 = |B| > |B_1 \cap B_2|=1$.

So $\mathcal{B}$ is not a base for a topology.

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