I want to learn about conics, but I don't really like the chapter on our textbook or the calculus & analytic geometry book that I'm following.

Conics are so interesting, ellipse and hyperbola specially, needless to say. I've learned about Dandelin's theorem, which explains why slicing a cone with a slanted horizontal plane always cross sects the cone into an ellipse, of all shapes.

Which is really beautiful right? But our textbook ain't. I'd like to learn about conics from a book that covers super cool stuff like Dandelin's theorem and generalized Dandelin's theorem (I don't really know much about conics other than that cool theorem haha) so I'm hoping you guys know such a book.

(Also, on a quick side note, I want to learn about hyperbolic functions and their inverses from a book that just doesn't discuss their derivatives and integrals; and approaches the concept like the unit circle definition for circular functions does. Any suggestion is appreciated.)


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