I am computing pairwise correlation between the N rows of a matrix $X_{(N,G)}$ using two methods.

1- Direct computation

Zx is the z-scored X along the columns


2- On-line computation

In this case, we assume that we know the correlation (and the covariance) of the N-1 rows and we would like to compute the new correlation using a new observation $x_n$.

To compute the correlation on-line between two vectors X and Y, I used the following formula:




The standard deviation is computed on-line using this formula:


Where we also use the computation of the mean on-line

$\bar X_n = n^{-1}[X_n + (n-1)\bar X_{n-1}]$

My question is when does it become interesting (in memory usage and/or speedup) to use on-line versus direct (there is only one step in on-line method)?

The first approach is in $O(G*N^2)$ but I could not figure out the complexity of the second approach.


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