Let $A$ be a finite dimensional connected quiver algebra and $\Omega^n(A)$ the fullsubcategory of direct summands of $n$-th syzygy modules for some $n \geq 1$. For example in case $A$ is Gorenstein of Gorenstein dimension $g$, for $n=g$ this is the subcategory of Gorenstein projective $A$-modules.

Question: Is there a way using the GAP-package QPA to obtain the left and right almost split sequences of a module $X \in \Omega^n(A)$ inside the subcategory $\Omega^n(A)$?


As of now the only possibility would be if the subcategory $\Omega^n(A)$ is $^\perp T$ for some cotilting module $T$. Then one can apply the command AlmostSplitSequenceInPerpT( T, M ) to get the almost split sequence in $^\perp T$ ending in the module $M$.

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The QPA-team.


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