I wanted to know" calculation of the time required to cool a cabinet which carry 20liters of water to a temperature approx 5 degree Celsius.

Sir,if you give it immediately,it is very grateful for me.

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    $\begingroup$ This is not a do-my-homework-for-me site - you will not get any answers unless you show you have put some effort in first. $\endgroup$ – lioness99a 2 days ago
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    $\begingroup$ @satya Unless you show your attempts on solving the problem. Also, you question is not exactly on mathematics... $\endgroup$ – PierreCarre 2 days ago
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    $\begingroup$ Surely, you understand that the problem, as it currently stands, is incomplete. We don't know what the cooling mechanism is, is there some cooling machine, what the ambient conditions are etc ... If we're on the North Pole, the process would be faster than in Africa. $\endgroup$ – Matti P. 2 days ago

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