I don't get the proof of $M$-test for uniform convergence. What is the proof of $M$-test of uniform convergence? It would be meaningful if you help me, and others out there, to understand the proof, instead of just giving this question negative response. thanks


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  • $\begingroup$ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weierstrass_M-test $\endgroup$ – S.D. Nov 8 at 14:30
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    $\begingroup$ It would be helpful if you could indicate what you don't get about the proof. Did you read some particular book, and get stuck at a particular place? Just saying "I don't get it" isn't very useful. There are so many carefully written proofs of this theorem out there already, and if you don't understand those versions, why would you understand what anyone would write here? $\endgroup$ – Hans Lundmark Nov 8 at 14:52

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