I recently came across this interesting game where I have combined several different types of base stations together to produce a certain amount of energy.

However, I believe there is a way of installing subsequent stations in a way that can exceed the predicted demand for energy. In other words, in what order should I purchase base stations henceforth in a way that will maximise the total energy production by the end of the game. 70% of total production is sent back to the grid while 30% I can use for personal gain.

I've guessed that this may be a linear programming problem but I'm not certain how to resolve it let alone formulate a function for it. Here are the details.

  • Base station 1 produces 5 Kwh @ a cost of 150 per installation.
  • Base station 2 produces 55 Kwh @ a cost of 1500 per installation.
  • Base station 3 produces 277 Kwh @ a cost of 7500 per installation.
  • Base station 4 produces 1430 Kwh @ a cost of 37500 per installation.
  • Base station 5 produces 7230 Kwh @ a cost of 150000 per installation.
  • Base station 6 produces 21925Kwh @ a cost of 375000 per installation.

Any help is much appreciated.


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