Hi I need help regarding a linear programming math problem. What I need is to formulate the equations. I tried this. But no idea whether the equations are correct.

enter image description here

enter image description here

What I need to know is whether my following decisions are correct.

Let's assume the number of tons sold from Spring is X1, Autumn = X2 and Winter=X3

Then based on the demand,

X1<= 4500

Profit = Selling price- Product cost- Purchase cost

Revenue = 60X1+55X2+60X3
Production Cost = 5X1+ 4X2+5X3

My issue is regarding the material cost(Purchase cost)

the minimum cotton cost was taken as,

(0.5 X1 + 0.6 X2 + 0.4 X3)30 --> Lets assume this as A

the minimum wool cost was taken as,

(0.3 X1 + 0.4 X2 + 0.5 X3)45 --> Lets assume this as B

the minimum silk cost was taken as,

(0.2 X1 + 0.1 X3 )50 --> Let's assume this as C

So the objective function is to maximize the profit,

60 X1 + 55 X2 + 60 X3 - (5 X1 + 4 X2 + 5 X3) -A -B -C

Are there more constraint functions. Am I missing anything? Really appreciate the help. At least someone who can mention the mistake I have done is highly appreciate.


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