Borrowing from this question. How many ways are there to represent a 3 binary digit number that starts with 1 XOR ends with 0? I calculated the following:

  • number of ways to start with 1xx :$2^2$
  • number of ways to end with xx0: $2^2$
  • number of ways for both 1x0 : $2^1$

Mathematically I got the answer as $2^2 +2^2-2^1 = 6$ but using a tree diagram I found only 4 possible combinations: that is 101 111 000 010

I would like some help to pinpoint where I went wrong.


The ones that both start with 1 and end in 0 are represented twice in the two larger groups; excluding them once makes it so they are counted once, suitable for OR. But XOR needs the conjunction to be counted no times: subtract it out twice.


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