I am a computer science undergrad. I am pursuing my second year open university BS mathematics course. I am currently taking a course on Vector calculus. I am using two text-books - Vector analysis by Louis Brand and Vector Calculus by Susane J Colley, solving all of the exercise problems.

I would like to ask, what are some tips to be successful in this subject? I am also solving a few problems from a first year introductory physics book, such as Kleppner, Kolenkow. Does that sound like a good idea? Would you know of any other sources containing a great collection of applied problems?

How about doing a few vector calculus projects?

Any tips, suggestions, inputs would be extremely helpful and awesome!

Thanks, Quasar.

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    $\begingroup$ Perhaps it would be useful to download an exam paper (from OU or any university that makes these freely available), try and answer any questions you can, then study the requisite material to be able to answer it? $\endgroup$ – bounceback Jul 12 at 20:21

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