today I encountered an inequality like this: $$\langle\xi\rangle = \sqrt{1+|\xi|^2}$$ $$C||g||_{W^{m,2}(\bf{R}^d)}\leq ||\langle\cdot\rangle^m|\tilde{g}|||_{L^{2}(\bf{R}^d)}\leq \tilde{C} ||g||_{W^{m,2}(\bf{R}^d)}$$

In the paper, the author did not give the reasons. Since I do not major in Math, could anyone help me to give a simple illustration for it? It seems like Sobolev space function's property. PS: $\tilde{g}(\xi) = \int_{\bf{R}^d} g(x)e^{-2\pi i\xi\cdot x}dx$

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