First of all please, let me know if this question is more suited for scicomp.stackexchange.com or or.stackexchange.com, and sorry for my English and math skills.

Pretty often i do some numerical optimization stuff with Gauss-Newton and automatic differentiation. It's pretty handy because Gauss-Newton requires to solve following system: $$ J^TJ\Delta x = -J^Tr $$ where $r(x)$ is residuals function, $J$ is jacobian of $r$, $\Delta x$ is step. This system can be solved via Conjugate gradient method which requires $Av$ like products. Automatic differentiation allow me to compute $Jv$ and $J^Tv$ via forward and reverse mode of graph based automatic differentiation, so i can easily combine it with CG.

Unfortunately CG also needs preconditioner for fast convergence. Obvious choice for preconditioner is diagonal of $J^TJ$.

My question is - how can i quickly compute diagonal of $J^TJ$ if i know expression graph for $r$ and have implementation of $J^Tv$ and $Jv$ for each elementary function? Without symbolic differentiation, if it possible.


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