When Google calc gives me numbers like this: 8.5070592e+37 How do I convert this back into a large number again.

i.e 54763097530573348543859034859834958034958983458237646357346257607032294426354547630975305733485438590348598349580349589834582376463573462576070322944263545476309753057334854385903485983495803495898345823764635734625760703229442635454763097530573348543859034859834958034958983458237646357346257607032294426354547630975305733485438590348598349580349589834582376463573462576070322944263545476309753057334854385903485983495803495898345823764635734625760703229442635454763097530573348543859034859834958034958983458237646357346257607032294426354547630975305733485438590348598349580349589834582376463573462576070322944263545476309753057334854385903485983495803495898345823764635734625760703229442635454763097530573348543859034859834958034958983458237646357346257607032294426354547630975305733485438590348598349580349589834582376463573462576070322944263545476309753057334854385903485983495803495898345823764635734625760703229442635454763097530573348543859034859834958034958983458237646357346257607032294426354

Edit: I am trying to use IntXLib in c# to convert these ascii representations back to their integer values.

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e+37 means that you multiply by $10^{37}$; that is by $10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000$, which is a 1 followed by 37 zeroes.

In this case you have 8.5070592e+37, which means $85,070,592,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000$. The answer is almost certainly rounded off to the nearest 0.0000001e+e37, some of those trailing zeroes are probably something else, and the 2 might actually be a 1.

In C you would use the function atof to convert such a numeral to a float, after which you could do arithmetic on it. I don't know what the C# equivalent is.


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