I'm following the recommendations in the book "The Pomodoro Technique".

He wrote in the chapter "Objective III: Estimate the Effort for Activities" :

"Record these available Pomodoros on the To Do Today Sheet".

I'm using the standard version of that technique:

  • 1 Pomodoro=25 minutes

  • After each Pomodoro except the fourth- 5 minutes break

  • After the fourth Pomodoro- 20 minutes break

  • And then this cycle starts again- 25+5,25+5,25+5,25+5,25+20

How do I calculate the number of available Pomodoros that I have in a period of time?

For example:

Today I calculated that I have 11 hours (including breaks) for work and I want to know how many Pomodoros I can do today.

What I tried:

  1. I tried to calculate it by myself. I got an idea but I'm not sure if it's correct and if it's the fastest way (it's too complex in my opinion). My calculation says 19 pomodoros.
  2. I googled this question. I found this post:

    What is the calculation to find the total break time and work time using the Pomodoro technique?

    but it's not answering my question because he didn't mention a different time of break after the fourth Pomodoro, and it changes the whole calculation.



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