This is expression for $\tan(a+b+y)$

$$\frac{\tan(a)+\tan(b)+\tan(y)−\tan(a)\tan(b)\tan(y)}{1− \tan(a)\tan(b)−\tan(a)\tan(y)−\tan(b)\tan(y)}$$

I want to represent this with only $\tan(a)$, $\tan(b)$ and $\tan(y)$.

Clearly,I want to replace $1$ with tan functions of these three variables.

I need this answer because thie is from GelfAndSaul Trigonometry Book questions.Pg-145


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    $\begingroup$ Wait, what are you asking? You want to express it in terms of $\tan (a), \tan (b)$ and $\tan (c)$? You already have an expression in them though. $\endgroup$ – Amit Rajaraman Jun 29 at 10:18
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