Hi I'm a 3rd year undergraduate student yet to experience the graduate world.

Initially I was fascinated by the world of abstract algebra but I am quickly coming to terms with the limitations set by my mathematical ability so I'm thinking of moving on. If I get to progress to my fourth year I will probably take some courses that are not heavy in abstract algebra.

Currently, with the course choices I made, I can have my degree title as either:

  • BSc Mathematics OR
  • BSc Applied Mathematics

I will be taking the same courses regardless, but I'm wondering if it matters to have a different degree title.

i.e. will it benefit me if I have applied maths as my degree title rather than maths (or the other way around)?? or does it not matter at all?? (in terms of job prospects, continuing to my masters, which one has a better reputation, etc etc)

I'm a very confused undergrad, any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated

fyi i'm on bsc maths for now but it's very easy to change or even go back after changing

edit: I don't know exactly what I plan to do or want to do after my graduation if I get to graduate. my initial dream of abstract algebra is not there.

also I did not know academia stack exchange website existed. thank you for the comments, I will post a question there too.


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