Suppose i have a circle whose mid point is given by $(X,Y)$ where $X$ and $Y$ represent longitude and latitude. The radius of the circle is 1 KM.

Now If i have line given by $(X_1,Y_1)$ and $(X_2,Y_2)$ where $X_1$,$Y_1$ represents begin longitude,latitude and $X_2$,$Y_2$ represent final longitude and latitude.

How can i compute if the line intersects the circle? Radius of the circle is in KM.

  • $\begingroup$ You tagged this with map-projections. Is a projection involved? From what to what? Are latitude and longitude measured on the Earth? Do you care that the Earth is not exactly spherical, or is a spherical approximation good enough? Are the circle and line defined as a circle and line on the projection or on the original surface of the Earth? What kind of "line" is the "line"--a great circle arc, a rhumb line, something else? Perhaps it would be better if you edit the question to tell us everything you know about this problem--exactly where it came from and how it was presented. $\endgroup$ – David K Jun 9 at 21:54

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