How many binary words of length $n$ are there with exactly $m$ 01 blocks?

I tried by finding number of ways to fill $n-2m$ gaps with $0$ and $1$ such that no $'01'$ block gets created again. But this method is not working and I am stuck in this problem. Please provide me an elegant solution of this problem.

  • $\begingroup$ What you really want to count is the number of repeated 0s and 1s. That is quite directly tied to the number of 01 blocks. $\endgroup$ – Don Thousand May 31 at 17:48
  • $\begingroup$ I couldn't understand what you mean $\endgroup$ – Divya Prakash Sinha May 31 at 17:51

In each word of length $n$, add a $1$ in the front and a $0$ in the end such that you get a word of length $n+2$. Then you get $n+1$ space between letters. When you see a transition from $1$ to $0$ or vice versa, mark it with a "o", else mark it with a "x".

For instance, let $n = 6$, then $110010$ becomes $11100100$ after padding, and the mark becomes xxoxoox.

Now, observe that if a word of length $n$ has $m$ $01$ blocks, you will get exactly $2m+1$ "o" marks and $n-2m$ "x" marks, and vice versa.

So the number of such words is

$$ \binom{n+1}{2m+1}. $$


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