I've just started studying calculus on my own and at first it was smooth sailing with basic problems on functions, their graphs and functional equations but then I moved on to limits and i find it shit hard. It's easy to evaluate by substitution but when the indeterminate forms pop up (which is always) it gets too hard for me to do (except the easy factorisation ones). I'm wondering if integration and differentiation are equally difficult or possibly even harder


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  • $\begingroup$ It’s impossible to say in general really $\endgroup$ – Anon May 25 at 22:39
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    $\begingroup$ Note that a definite integral and a derivative are both instances of limits. So, in some sense, limits are "harder": they encompass virtually everything you will see in analysis. $\endgroup$ – Jean-Claude Arbaut May 25 at 22:39
  • $\begingroup$ You could post an indeterminate form that you're having trouble on. :) Just to tell you a trick, It is easier to solve indeterminate forms of 0/0 or infinity/infinity with en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L'H%C3%B4pital's_rule (L'Hospital's Rule). You basically just have to differentiate the numerator and the denominator and then take the limit (However, I recommend this trick after you've understood how to do them without it). As to integration and differentiation, I pretty enjoyed it. I didn't really like limits, but I really enjoyed integration and differentiation. I guess they are easier. $\endgroup$ – user547075 May 26 at 1:25
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  • $\begingroup$ @user547075 yeah L'Hospitals is very helpful but the thing is I'm prepping for this exam called jee adv which is like the indian version of the SATs to get into the indian institutes of technology, they don't really ask questions which are solvable with l'hospitals, not directly at least, for an example this question came in 2015 lim(t->0) (e^cos(t^n) -e)/t^m=-e/2 then find m/n, can you show me how to do it? I have little to no idea on how to begin. Really appreciate the help. One last query: can i stink at limits and still be good with integration and differentiation $\endgroup$ – Kaustav May 26 at 3:42