(a) Find the arc-length parametrisation.

So I think that the parametrisation is $\gamma(s)= \bigg((\frac{bs}{\sqrt{b^2+1}})cos(\ln\bigg(\frac{bs}{a\sqrt(b^2+1)}\bigg)),(\frac{bs}{\sqrt{b^2+1}})sin(\ln\bigg(\frac{bs}{a\sqrt(b^2+1)}\bigg)),0\bigg)$

(b) Find the curvature and torsion.

The torsion $\tau(s)=0$ which is clear because it's a plane curve. But the rest is getting a bit confusing.

(c) Find the Frenet reference.

I know that this is $T(s)=\gamma'(s) , N(s)=\frac{T'(s)}{\kappa(s)}$ and $ B(s)=T(s)\times N(s)$ but because I am unsure of my $\gamma(s)$, I'm not too certain on the rest.


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