I need you to explain the mathematics behind the code bellow. What is s, what are those formulas for px and py and generally, what logic are we following to find the answer here?

print("Input three coordinate of the circle:")
x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3 = map(float, input().split())
c = (x1-x2)**2 + (y1-y2)**2
a = (x2-x3)**2 + (y2-y3)**2
b = (x3-x1)**2 + (y3-y1)**2
s = 2*(a*b + b*c + c*a) - (a*a + b*b + c*c) 
px = (a*(b+c-a)*x1 + b*(c+a-b)*x2 + c*(a+b-c)*x3) / s
py = (a*(b+c-a)*y1 + b*(c+a-b)*y2 + c*(a+b-c)*y3) / s 
ar = a**0.5
br = b**0.5
cr = c**0.5 
r = ar*br*cr / ((ar+br+cr)*(-ar+br+cr)*(ar-br+cr)*(ar+br-cr))**0.5
print("Radius of the circle:")
print("Central point coordinates (x, y) of the circle:")

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