My kid is practicing word problem. I have an issue with the question which i m unable to produce any solution. Would be appreciated if any solution is provided.


In the village there were four different types of animals: pigs, sheep, chickens & cows.

  • Every fourth animal was a pig
  • One out of eight animals was a sheep
  • Half of the animals were chickens
  • The rest of the animals were cows. There were 50 cows.

How many animals of each type were there in the village?

  • $\begingroup$ You could find the total number of animals first. $\endgroup$ – David Mitra May 5 at 10:07
  • $\begingroup$ @DavidMitra thanks for the suggestion. Thats what i am am thinking about but i am confused how should i do that. I feel it like a series calculation. But not sure how should i do it. $\endgroup$ – Muhammad Umair Shafique May 5 at 10:08
  • $\begingroup$ Call the total $T$. Express the number of each animal in terms of $T$ (e.g., the number of pigs is $T/4$). Then make an equation... $\endgroup$ – David Mitra May 5 at 10:13

If we have 8 animals

  • pigs are 2
  • sheep is 1
  • chickens 4
  • cow is 1

So for 50 cows we multiply by 8 = 400 animals

  • pigs are 100
  • sheeps are 50
  • chickens are 200
  • cows are 50

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