I was investigating variations on defining the second derivative of a function $f$ with respect to another function $g$, using the quotient rule. But the quotient rule doesn't hold if the function in the denominator is not continuous. I'm not sure how this affects second derivatives. The two limits below should be generalizations of the second derivative of $f$ with respect to $g$ and with independent variable $x$, but I'm not sure how discontinuities in $g$ could affect the second limit.

Do there exist two functions $f$ and $g$ such that, for some value of $x$, at least one of the two limits $$\lim_{h \to 0}\frac{\frac{f\left(x+2h\right)-2f\left(x+h\right)+f\left(x\right)}{g\left(x+h\right)-g\left(x\right)}\left(g\left(x+h\right)-g\left(x\right)\right)-\frac{g\left(x+2h\right)-2g\left(x+h\right)+g\left(x\right)}{g\left(x+h\right)-g\left(x\right)}\left(f\left(x+h\right)-f\left(x\right)\right)}{\left(g\left(x+h\right)-g\left(x\right)\right)\left(\left(g\left(x+h\right)-g\left(x\right)\right)+\left(g\left(x+2h\right)-2g\left(x+h\right)+g\left(x\right)\right)\right)}$$ or $$\lim_{h \to 0}\frac{\frac{f\left(x+2h\right)-2f\left(x+h\right)+f\left(x\right)}{g\left(x+h\right)-g\left(x\right)}\left(g\left(x+h\right)-g\left(x\right)\right)-\frac{g\left(x+2h\right)-2g\left(x+h\right)+g\left(x\right)}{g\left(x+h\right)-g\left(x\right)}\left(f\left(x+h\right)-f\left(x\right)\right)}{\left(g\left(x+h\right)-g\left(x\right)\right)^2}$$ is defined, but the two limits are not equal? In other words, are these two limits always equivalent?

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