I have the following information about the problem

  • Start point
  • Size (angle between 0 and 360)
  • End point (start point + size)
  • Tarjet angle.

The questions is how can determine if a tarjet angle is between start and end point


\begin{bmatrix} case&start&end&size\\ a&350&6&16\\ b&0&90&90\\ c&350&100&55\\ d&0&0&0\\ e&0&0&360\\ \end{bmatrix}

Case A

  • 270 outside
  • 351 inside

Case B

  • 360 outside
  • 45 inside

Case C

  • 102 outside
  • 1 inside

Case D

  • All are outside

Case D

  • All are inside



Compute the difference: "tarjet" angle $-$ start angle. If negative, repeatedly add 360° until the result is positive. Check if result is less than size: if so, it's inside.


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