I am looking for books on problem solving techniques for euclidean geometry. I found these

  • "Methods of Solving Complex Geometry Problems" by Grigorieva
  • "Solving Problems In Geometry" by Gusev, Litvinenko and Mordkovich

but I am looking for something more modern and simple which is mainly focused on secondary education (to help future teachers).


Maybe I'm not an expert in the field but from my humble perspective I'll give my best try in attempting to give my suggestions.

Have you considered?

  1. Koeberlin's Geometry from Cengage. It has good reviews in Amazon. Personally I have used it and has modern drawings and colors help a lot to visualize what to do. Something which is really helpful in this subject.

  2. There is also Jurgensen's Geometry by Houghton Mifflin, both are contemporary and explanations (to my taste) are very easy to understand. It has also good reviews.

  3. Holt McDougal's Geometry has mixed reviews but mostly positive.

  4. Ron Larson's Geometry from Holt McDougal is highly pedagogical (used other of his books also), although aimed at students I see no reason why a teacher can't benefit from it.

  5. Other textbooks you may be interested could be:

    5.1 Birkhoff and Beathey's basic geometry. It has very good reviews as well. One reviewer claims that it builds up concepts step by step, which personally I feel it is the best when you lack of spoting spatial figures.

    5.2 Clems, Daffer and Cooney's Geometry. Right from the year of the World Cup in US. Haven't tried that out. Although it doesn't have any reviews, its parent textbook Mathematics for Elementary school teachers has good reviews.

    5.3 Marcus Horbit's plane geometry problems. This one doesn't have any reviews but it was on the list of recommended sources in my textbook so I believe goes along the lines of simplicity.

These ones are as well contemporary but perhaps offer a higher degree of difficulty. Not sure if it's exactly what you are looking for but it is worth a try.

There's an interesting article which is very related to what you're looking for and I suggest you to take a look, a bit outdated but it is worth to read as well from Charles Buck on The Mathematics Teacher magazine (from a year earlier of Moon landing). It can be accessed here although it is not fully free, I believe half of it can be read by free.

Of course these are the best ones which I could find from my experience, looking online and also from browsing at the sources in my former book's reference pages to other textbooks and recommendations. I hope this may have helped you.


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