While going through a forum post (http://mathforum.org/kb/message.jspa?messageID=40112), I found the following paper mentioned:

87a:12014 12J10 13A18 Ribenboim, Paulo (3-QEN) Equivalent forms of Hensel's lemma. (English)

Exposition. Math. 3 (1985), no. 1, 3--24.

I have been unable to find the paper mentioned. Can someone help me obtain a digital copy of this paper? Please let me know, and apologies if this isn't the right forum to pose this question.


It seems to be included in this book, but it's £99;


There's a chapter here that looks promising by Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann; https://math.usask.ca/~fvk/bookch9.pdf

  • $\begingroup$ Hi, thanks for the link. I've been looking for a digital copy, as I don't think it will be possible to get this book my present situation. I've looked at the second link. $\endgroup$ – Duttatrey Nath Srivastava Mar 13 at 23:01
  • $\begingroup$ Yes, that's a silly price... Nothing obvious from a quick google search. Good luck finding it ! $\endgroup$ – Martin Hansen Mar 13 at 23:03
  • $\begingroup$ The price is a bit much, but I'm worried about shipping charges too :) Thanks for the links and help! $\endgroup$ – Duttatrey Nath Srivastava Mar 13 at 23:04
  • $\begingroup$ It might help to add the tag p-adic numbers to your question $\endgroup$ – Martin Hansen Mar 13 at 23:15
  • $\begingroup$ Maybe you missed it, but I already posted that review 25 years ago in the linked post in the question, as well as in an answer here 5 years ago. $\endgroup$ – Bill Dubuque Mar 14 at 0:01

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