I am stuck with error propagation of exponential fit parameters:

$y = a*e^{(b*x)}+c$

I have available errors of fit: $\sigma_a$, $\sigma_b$, and $\sigma_c$

I tried to split the problem to exponential, multiplication of exponential with a, and summation with c

error of exponential: $\sigma_{e^{(b*x)}} = e^{(b*x)} * x * \sigma_b$ - so far so good, corresponds to the automatic solver.

when trying to make error propagation for multiplication of "a" and "$e^{(b*x)}$" I have the problem that it doesn't correspond to the automatic solver.

I tried: $\sigma_{a*e^{(b*x)}}=a*e^{(b*x)} * \sqrt{(\frac{\sigma_a}{a})^2 + (\frac{\sigma_{e^{(b*x)}}}{e^{(b*x)}})^2)}$

got stuck here and didn't continue to the summation ...

Can someone point me to the right solution please?

Thank you in advance



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