In this paper ( https://liu.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:1245887/FULLTEXT01.pdf ) the author told me two things

1.$\mathbf F_k= \mathbf f_k \mathbf f^H_k, \mathbf f_k$ is a $N$ by $1$ matrix,and $\mathbf F_k$ is a $N$ by $N$ matrix

2.If we ignore the rank-1 constraint for each $\mathbf F_k$,we can obtain $\mathbf f_k$ by using Eigenvalue Decomposition (EVD) of $\mathbf F_k$.

And i found some information from WIKI,the Eigendecomposition of $\mathbf A$ can be written as $\mathbf{A}=\mathbf{Q}\mathbf{\Lambda}\mathbf{Q}^{-1}$,so i want to ask,Is $\mathbf f_k$ corresponding to the $\mathbf{Q}$ in the WiKi?


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