I have trouble understanding the proof which computes hessian of J to see if the optimisation problem is convex. why is the least square cost function for linear regression convex

The proof claims that the matrix $𝑋^T 𝑋$ is positive semidefinite. It's obvious that the product is symmetric. But I am not able to see why it is positive semidefinite.


You can gather the definition of positive semi-definiteness from


We have to prove that:

$v^T X^T X v$ $\ge 0$

Notice that, the above expression can be rewritten as:

$v^T X^T X v$ = $(Xv)^T. Xv$ = $|| X.v ||_2 $ (Which is the euclidean norm of $X.v$)

Since, the euclidean norm of the vector is a sum of squares the result follows.


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