I have a piecewise function $f(x)$, it takes up too much space, I want to conserve space when writing it. Is there a practical and professional way to write it in a single line, so I save some space? $$ f(x) = \begin{cases} a, & x = 0 \\ b, & x = 1 \\ c, & x \neq 0,1 \end{cases} $$

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  • $\begingroup$ @XanderHenderson It has more to do with formalism of math expression, but math nonetheless I think. $\endgroup$ – updraft Feb 11 at 18:03

It's common to use $1_A(x)$ to denote $1_A(x) = 1$ for $x\in A$ and $=0$ everywhere else. Hence, we can rewrite $f$ as $f(x) = a1_{0} +b1_{1} + c1_{\{0,1\}^c}$

  • $\begingroup$ Fantastic answer @Andrew Yuan by using characteristic functions. +1 for that. $\endgroup$ – Dbchatto67 Feb 11 at 10:41

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