My three year math degree includes 30 subjects, 20 mandatory, 9 electives and a thesis. Here are the mandatory subjects:

Algebra I - Matrix Calculus

Algebra II – Linear Algebra

Analysis I – Foundations of Analysis

Analysis II – Infinitesimal Calculus

Discrete Mathematics II – Combinatorics

Mathematical Practicum I

Computer Practicum

Computer Science I - Java programming

Discrete Mathematics I – Set Theory

Mathematical Topics in English I

Algebra III – Abstract Algebra

Analysis III – Functions of Many Variables


Introduction to Numerical Calculations

Computer Science II - Functional Languages


Mathematical Topics in English II

Algebra IV - Algebraic Structures

Analysis IV - Real Analysis

Mathematical Modelling


These are obligatory, apart from this I can choose 9 electives, related to either mathematics, computer science or economy and finance.

Here is the list of subjects I could choose as electives:

Algebraic Graph Theory

Differential Equations

Functional Analysis



Optimization Methods

Permutation Groups

Graph Theory

Measure Theory


Financing the Health System

Selected Topics in Discrete Mathematics

Selected Topics in Computing Methods and Applications

Selected Topics in Statistics

Complex Analysis

Cryptography and Computer Safety

Mathematical Methods in Physics

Mathematics: Methods and Art

Molecular Modelling

Optimization Methods in Logistics

Solving Equations: from al-Khwarizmi to Galois

Seminar - Introduction to Research Work

Symmetric Codes

Coding Theory

Number Theory

History and Philosophy of Mathematics

Theoretical Computer Science II – Formal Languages and Computability

Systems I – Hardware

Systems II – Operating Systems and Computer Networks

Data Structures and Algorithms

Programming III – Concurrent Programming

Systems III – Information Systems

Introduction to Database Systems

Computer Networks

Theoretical Computer Science III – Information Theory

Software Engineering

Information Technology Management

Augmented Reality

Database Design

Game Development

Geographic Information Systems

Human–Computer Interaction

Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining

Language Technologies

Multimedia Design

Selected Topics in Programming Languages

System Programming




Financial Mathematics

Game Theory


Stochastic Processes I

Fundamentals of Insurance

Modelling in Macroeconomics

Financial Topics in English

I want to plan out what kind of subjects I'm going to take because I think it's important to have a well rounded set of subjects, not just a bunch of stuff all over the place. What subjects would you recommend? What subjects would make me more employable? And don't worry about me taking subjects I enjoy, I'll surely curate your suggestions and take some less useful stuff just for my pleasure, but if we're talking about the pure employability boost, what do you suggest? Thank you in advance :D


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