based on similar questions on mesh volume, volume of a mesh can be calculated by following equation:

volume = ((vec1 x vec2) . vec3) /6

where vec1, vec2, and vec3 are the vectors from origin to a mesh triangle, and x is cross product and . is dot product.

vectors illustration

and for the volume of the whole mesh, that should be calculated for all triangles.

Afterwards, the area of the triangle can be calculated by the following equation:

area = || (vec2 - vec1) x (vec3 - vec1)|| /2

where vec1, vec2, and vec3 is the same as previous equation.

calculating volume and area, the height can be obtained by following equation:

height = 3*volume/area

However, I am not sure how to perform final calculation to obtain the wall thickness when I have all the heights of triangles (which are the vectors from origin perpendicular to triangles).


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