I am trying to find points on a rotated rigid body. The body is a ship which has devices onboard and an antenna. The ship has done a survey on device coordinates. So, the exact locations of the antenna and sensor1 are known with respect to the ship reference point (a granite-rock block which is immovable).

The ship has an IMU, so I know the pitch and roll of the ship. The heading, or yaw, is given by the GPS too. However, the center of rotation of the ship is unknown. Then, during an operation, the ship operates the sensor1 which is a transducer and it requires to know the best estimate of the sensor1's position. The antenna constantly receives the location from the satellite.

By knowing the antenna's absolute position (lat, lon or in UTM coordinates), roll, pitch, yaw, and positions of the antenna and the sensor1 with respect to the granite block ($0,0,0$) in the unrotated frame, is it possible to find the position of the sensor1 without knowing the center of rotation?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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