Given a quadrilateral represented by $(X_n, Y_n)\;$ I would like to obtain a specific point $\;(A, B)\;$ in the same quadrilateral when it changes perspective knowing only the vertex $\;(X'_j, Y'_j)\;$ like is shown in the image bellow:

Quadrilateral transformation

So given the point $\;(A, B)\;$ of the left quadrilateral I would like to know which would be the value of $\;(A', B')\;$ when the quadrilateral is transformed.

Known parameters:

  • $(X_1, Y_1), (X_2, Y_2), (X_3, Y_3), (X_4, Y_4)$
  • $(X'_1, Y'_1), (X'_2, Y'_2), (X'_3, Y'_3), (X'_4, Y'_4)$
  • $(A, B)$

Unknown parameters:

  • $(A', B')$

The final goal is to known the coordinates of a specific point marked in an image in a new image that has a different perspective.

Thanks in advance.


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