I would appreciate some guidance in handling a Partio - Integral differential equation (PIDE) which was generated as a result of three PDEs.

\begin{eqnarray} \lambda_h \frac{\partial^2 \theta_w}{\partial x^2} + \lambda_c V \frac{\partial^2 \theta_w}{\partial y^2} +( -\beta_h - V \beta_c )\theta_w +\beta_h^2 e^{-\beta_h x} \int e^{\beta_h x} \theta_w(x,y) \mathrm{d}x + \beta_c^2 e^{-\beta_c y}\int e^{\beta_c y} \theta_w(x,y)\mathrm{d}y = 0 \end{eqnarray}

The limits of the integration are between 0 and 1.


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