I was trying to prove this exercise from Diestel's book:

Show that adding a new edge to a maximal planar graph of order at least 6 always produces both a $TK_5$ and a $TK_{3,3}$ subgraph.

I used a hint from Diestel's book to get a topological minor of $K_5$, but I had trouble finding the $TK_{3,3}$. I found a solution here (The $K_5$-part is the same thing I did).

However, I don't understand a part of it when they try to find the $TK_{3,3}$ subgraph. They say:

Since $G$ has order at least $6$, there is another vertex $z$ distinct from those previously mentioned. The construction allows for two cases: either $z$ lies outside the region bounded by the topological cycle $vu_1wu_2v$ or it lies inside one of the faces of this region (they are all equivalent).

My question is why cannot $z$ be in the boundary of $vu_1wu_2v$? And it that were possible, the three disjoint paths from $z$ to $u_1,u_2,u_3$ might not be disjoint to the previous drawn paths, which seems to cause trouble when building the $K_{3,3}$-subdivision.


I think that solution is wrong already at the following point.

Since $v$ is not adjacent to $w$ (else we could add no edge between them), we can find vertices $u_1$, $u_2$, and $u_3$ lying one on each path that are neighbors of $v$ but not of $w$.

If a path from $v$ to $w$ has length $2$ then a neighbor $u$ of $v$ at the path is a neighbor of $w$.

By the edge-maximality of $G$, $u_1$, $u_2$, and $u_3$ induce a cycle.

This is true, if $v$ has degree three. Otherwise it may fail (for instance, see the picture).

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ You're right. Fortunately, I had modified that part to just take the three paths in such a way each of them only contained one neighbor of $v$. About the use of the edge maximality of $G$, I think that to produce the subdivision of $K_5$ we only need to make sure all the neighbors of $v$ form a cycle. $\endgroup$ – Nell Dec 28 '18 at 3:27

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