do you have any idea about the part (b) ?

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  • Yes. What are your ideas on the subject ? – Digitalis Dec 7 at 13:38
  • @Digitalis I don't really understand why I come across with answers like this and this question got 3 minuses. why would you spend my time and your time for typing such a question. If I had smt on my mind, I would say it obviously. I just started to do these stuff and such comments make me feel very bad and waste my time – bebe Dec 7 at 13:51
  • People on the site don't appreciate questions that look like "do my homework for me" so they tend to attract downvotes. I understand you might be having a hard time answering this question by yourself but you must at least have some idea as to where to start or where you got stuck while trying to solve this. What have you done so far to calculate $$ \Vert f - f_n \Vert_\infty ?$$ What does your intuition tel you ? Have you drawn a graph like you were asked in point $a)$ ? Edit your post to show your thoughts and a bit of work . – Digitalis Dec 7 at 13:58
  • Great !! It would be even better if you showed work about exercice $b)$ and typed in MathJax but I'll give you a pass. – Digitalis Dec 7 at 14:10