I am investigating the motion of a robot with regards to four variables. Here is the code for my system:


$$\dot{p}'= \frac{2 Nwa (Npa_{1}-\dot{p})}{1+exp(kd q^2)} + \frac{2 Nwb (Npb_{1}-\dot{p})}{1+exp(kd r^2)}$$

$$Nwa'=ks \left((A Nwa)^3+ \frac{B Nwa^2}{1+K q}+C Nwa\right)$$

$$Nwb'=ks \left((A Nwb)^3+ \frac{B Nwb^2}{1+K r}+C Nwb\right)$$





(plus variable and initial conditions)

My code works fine and shows the system correctly. However, I want to work with $xpp$ plotting $\dot{p}$ on the $x$ axis (this is fine) and $x_{2}$ on the $y$ axis. It was not let me do this (I'm guessing because $x_{2}$ is not a variable even though it is defined in terms of a variable?) Do you have any advice on how to work around this.

Thanks for your help :)


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