Given a sequence of probability measure $P_n$ on $\mathbb R$ with the Boreal sigma algebra, define $f_n = \int e^{ixt}dp_n$, and suppose that $f_n \to f$ for some $f$ bounded measurable, is it true that there exists some $p$ such that $f = \int e^{ixt}dp$?

My intuition tells me that this is false, but I cannot come up with an example. The example that I tried: Let $p_n$ be the Gaussian with mean $0$, variance $\frac{1}{n^2}$, then the characteristic function converges to the constant $1$. However, $1$ is the characteristic function of some dirac delta function.

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Instead of having Gaussian with decreasing variance, let $p_n$ be Gaussian with mean 0 and variance $n$. This gives the counterexample you are looking for. In general the continuity theorem states that if the limiting function $f$ is continuous, then there exists such a $p$, but not otherwise.

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