Let $I ⊂ \mathbb{R}$ be a compact interval. Show that for every $f ∈ C^2(I , \mathbb{R})$ it exists a $C > 0$ such that:

$|f(a)+f(b)-2f(\frac{a+b}{2})|≤C(b-a)^2 $

$∀a, b ∈ I .$

Let $a,b ∈I$ and $a<b$, it exists by definition a $ξ_1∈(a, (a+b)/2)$ with


and it exists a $ξ_2∈((a+b)/2, b)$ with


Summing the two identities we get


How can I say that the first part of the right side is equal to $C$ and introduce the absolute value with ≤?


Hint : Any continuous function $f $ from a compact space to $\Bbb R $ is bounded and attains its bounds.


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