I've stumbled across this pattern a number of times when working with shaders. The visuals created are very interesting - similar to Moiré patterns, but more intricate.

I don't fully understand how it works and I'd like to know more about it, but I haven't been able to figure out what it's called. Any information or tidbits about this pattern would be greatly appreciated.

pattern example 1

pattern example 2

pattern example 3

When applying a scale factor this pattern exhibits fractal-like properties where each node seems to be a smaller version of a similar pattern (but not infinitely).

pattern example scaled

However this animated gif suggests to me that it's an interference pattern of sorts (because you can see the interaction of 2 patterns at 2 different scales)

animation showing interference

Here's a link to the shader where you can test the input parameters: https://shaderfrog.com/app/view/2754


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