I'm facing a doubt: supose a group of 100 persons that die after a certain event. From those 100 persons, 77 are women, and 23 men. How do I test (with chi-squared) if the cause is related to the gender?
In 100 people, it was suposed that 50% were of each gender right?

So can I do a chi square with a table like this?

Gender | Real | Probable
Female | 77 | 50
Male | 23 | 50
Total | 100 | 100

where 50 is the probable number of deads in each group?

This gives me, with one degree of freedom, a chi value of 15.72 and a p value of 0.000073 (0.0073%) which shows a high dependency between the values and that it's not likely to be happening randomly (affects more the women definetly). Is this correct?
Is this the right aproach?

Kind regards


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