Is there a clear distinction between event-based and process-based modelling?

Particularly, because I've noticed that once one starts to add "structures" to "purely event-based" model, then it starts to remind process-based, even if not everything is "encapsulated" in a process-like fashion.

Thus I've come to think whether there exists a clear division between the two or whether they are more vaguely separated.

E.g. a queue system of two "systems" of entities (say, People Class) and want to measure e.g. average time that people spend in the entire system:

So simple Event-based would be roughly (excluding scheduler etc.):

System 1
Arrive Event (manipulates People::time)
Depart Event (manipulates People::time)

System 2
Arrive Event (manipulates People::time)
Depart Event (manipulates People::time)

But in this can one say that the event-based model is the same as the process-based?

Or would one have to implement People::time into the Systems in order for it to be process-based?


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