Let $A$ and $B$ be two $p \times p$ matrices, where $p$ can be large. I am interested in finding $C$, where $$vec(C) = (I_{p^2} - A \otimes A)^{-1}vec(B)\,. $$

Here $\otimes$ denotes the Kronecker Product. Of course, I can do this directly, but when $p$ is large, the Kronecker product is expensive, and in addition, the matrix inversion is expensive. Is there a simplification of the above that can yield in less computation.

On alternative is to note that since $vec(XYZ) = (Z^T \otimes X)vec(Y)$, \begin{align*} &vec(C) = (I_{p^2} - A \otimes A)^{-1}vec(B)\\ \Rightarrow & (I_{p^2} - A \otimes A) vec(C) = vec(B)\\ \Rightarrow & vec(C) - (A\otimes A)vec(C) = vec(B)\\ \Rightarrow & vec(C) - vec(ACA^T) = vec(B)\\ \Rightarrow & C - ACA^T = B. \end{align*}

If we could backsolve for $C$ efficiently, we could get a fast answer, but I don't know how I can do that without using the Kronecker product.


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