I am just trying to figure out what key words I should look up to help me with the following problem.

I have a control system to control a PWM motor and a sensor to detect the motors frequency for feedback. I pass the controller a target frequency and then it will do its thing to try and get to the desired frequency. that all works fine.

Full Control Diagram

However, there is a very high chance of external variables affecting this sensor which causes inaccurate readings of the motor. (mainly giving it a much higher frequency reading than it should) eg. something bumps the sensor and causes the sensor to read much higher than it should. which would cause the control to stop the motor immediately.

What I am trying to do here is to detect if this spike has happened.

the variables i have to work with are

  • Target frequency
  • Motor Voltage
  • Motor Frequency (the spike is here)
  • knowledge that the motors voltage should have linear relationship to the frequency.

Is there a way by just using the Motor Voltage and Motor Frequency. That I can detect some large error.

I am just struggling to find the key words I need to get a solution.

Thank you!


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