I tried to prove $L_1$ is not Recursively enumerable via Rice's theorem, however i've been told by a mentor that examples i used are not valid. Can someone point out the mistakes in my understanding?

We can have $Tyes$ for $Σ^*$ and $Tno$ for $ϕ$. Hence, $L_1$ is no recursive for sure.

$L(M)$ is recursive so obviously $\exists$ TM for it, so this TM says $T_{yes}$ for L(M) and also there exists a TM which says no for $\Sigma^*$

Any non-monotonic property of the LANGUAGE recognizable by a Turing machine (recursively enumerable language) is unrecognizable

For a property of recursively enumerable set to be non-monotonic, there should exist at least two recursively enumerable languages (hence two Turing machines), the property holding for one ($Tyes$ being its TM) and not holding for the other ($Tno$ being its TM) and the property holding set (language of $Tyes$) must be a proper subset of the set not having the property (language of $Tno$).

we are pretty sure that $L(M)$ is a proper subset because it is given in the definition of the $L_1$ there exists x ϵ Σ* such that for every y ϵ L(M), xy ∉ L(M).

So there exist a TM which is holding properties of L(M), which can say $Tyes$ for L(M), and another TM which says $Tno$ for $\Sigma^*$

$L(M) \subset \Sigma^*$

Property holding set is non monotonic because it is proper subset of of the set $ \Sigma^*$

Hence $L_1$ is non RE


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